Using Microsoft Teams with Status Hero

How to check-in to your Status Hero team with Microsoft Teams

Once your team in Status Hero is connected to Microsoft Teams, here's how to use it and make the most out of the integration.

In case you missed it, here's an overview of the Status Hero and Microsoft teams integration and instructions for installing the Status Hero bot.

Checking in

According to the team and team member notification settings, the Status Hero bot will send a direct message to you and the other team members at the check-in time. Just follow the instructions for checking in.

Status Hero will automatically fold in activity from other tools that are hooked up to Status Hero, like Jira or Github, and broadcast the check-in to a thread in the channel you have connected to Microsoft Teams. Here's what the check-in will look like in Microsoft Teams:

Checking in on your own

To check in before the bot reminds you or to edit your current check-in, @mention the bot from the channel that's connected to Status Hero with the checkin command. The bot will send you a private message to add or edit your check-in.

Summary Reports

Status Hero will also broadcast a summary report to the check-ins thread at the summary report time defined in the team settings in Status Hero. It looks like this:

Adjusting settings

To visit Status Hero and adjust your notification preferences, avatar, and other settings, @mention the bot from the channel that's connected to Status Hero with the settings command. The bot will send you a direct message with a link change your settings.

Getting help

If you get stuck, you can also @mention the bot with the help command, and the bot will send back some helpful information for you. To contact us, just click on the blue chat bubble on the bottom right of this screen.