Status Hero for Design Teams

Learn how to set up Status Hero for knowledge sharing between Designers

Designers spend a lot of their time working within their individual development teams. A Status Hero team of only Designers doesn't necessarily require daily check-ins, but there is a TON of value in using Status Hero to share information and learnings.

For companies with multiple designers, we recommend setting up a specific team in Status Hero that is for the Design organization and is less focused on daily goals and more focused on sharing learnings and information.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Set your team up for weekly check-ins. We recommend Thursdays since people are more likely to take a Friday off. 
  2. Modify the questions so they're focused on information sharing
    1. Change "What did you do %{previous_period}?" to "What have you been focused on since %{previous_period}?" (or something similar depending on your specific team dynamic) 
      1. Change the label to "Focused On" 
    2. Disable the goal completion question.
    3. Change "What are your goals for %{next_period}?" to something like "What's your top priority for %{next_period}?" 
      1. This can vary based on your organization but the idea is it should be forward-facing.
      2. Alternatively, this question can be used to collect agenda items for a live or async Design team meeting. Ex: "Any agenda items for next week's meeting?" 
      3. Change the label to "Top Priority" 
    1. Change "Are you blocked by anything" to "Where can you use help?"
      1. It's common for Designers to lean on each other since experience and expertise often vary within an individual team.
      2. Change the label to "Help"

The goal is to use Status Hero to increase the understanding of each other's work and catch opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Tailor the questions to your specific team and situation, and let us know how it works for you (or if you have other recommendations)!