Status Badges

How to display status badges on your team's dashboard

You’ve probably seen status badges peppered into the README files of repos or buried somewhere in company wiki documents. They look like this: 



These badges can convey important information, like application uptime, CI build states, open issues, and code coverage. 

Here's how to add them to your team's dashboard. 

  1. Many CI and code quality services offer badges directly, but you can also use the excellent project to find the ones that are applicable to your stack. 

  2. Copy the markdown of the badge image to your clipboard

  3. Visit your team settings and click through to the "Badges" section

  4. Paste the markdown into the form and hit "Save". At that point you'll see the badge displayed on the edit page and also on your team dashboard.

  5. Rinse and repeat with other badges

If you're using GitHub private repos, Jira, or Azure Devops, you can display badges (e.g. open issues, PRs) by running your own Shields server and plugging in a token as an environment variable.