Setting Different Check-in Days for Team Members

How to configure Status Hero for teams that don't share working days

Sometimes team members will not share the same weekly work day cadence. For example, on a 10 person team, some members may work Monday through Thursday, and the others Tuesday through Friday.

We recommend only setting up check-in reporting days for the overlapping days in cases like these. One of the primary goals of Status Hero is to improve inter-team communication, allowing team members to help each other out and avoid duplicative work. When everyone is using the same reporting days, team members are always able to review their teammates' progress without having to leave the dashboard and dive into another report.



If a check-in is covering more than one day, Status Hero will include activity since the last check-in (similar to how it rolls up weekend activity into Monday's report for the default configuration).

In the instance that teams aren't working on the same days at all, we recommend a once-a-week check-in. Again, this way everyone is working off of the same dashboard and report.