Pivotal Tracker

Using the Pivotal Tracker integration

Connect projects to Status Hero with a webhook, and Status Hero will match up relevant story updates to your team members. The updates will appear in the activity page and alongside their check-ins.


To use it, visit the settings for a project you want to connect on Pivotal Tracker, and click through to the "Webhooks" page. 

Visit the integrations page in the team settings in Status Hero, and copy over the payload URL listed there under the Pivotal Tracker panel. 


To test it out, make a change in the Pivotal Tracker project and look for a new entry in the activity stream. Status Hero we'll match up Pivotal activity by first and last name, so make sure the names in Pivotal match up with names of your team members in Status Hero. (This match is not case sensitive.)

Right now, we just process story update events, but if you think other events would be helpful, please let us know!