Observer Mode

Set users to only receive summary reports

Administrators and Team Leads can designate any new or existing team member as an “Observer”. Observers will get a daily check-in summary from the team, however, they will not be prompted to check in, and they won’t show up in the team summary or affect the check-in completion rate. 

To set up a new team member as an Observer, go to Team and click through the "Add a new member" button.  At the bottom of the page, tick on the "Observer" box before saving.

To set up existing team members as Observers, go to Team and click “Edit” on the user that you want to make an observer. Under the “Team participation” section, select “Observer” from the drop-down.

Note: Since users can belong to multiple teams, they could check in to one team and then act as observers on others. (We only charge for each user once.)