Not Necessarily a Stand-up Meeting Replacement

Use Status Hero to bring efficiency and purpose to the traditional stand-up ceremony

Many teams use Status Hero instead of holding the traditional stand-up meeting. Stand-ups are hard to schedule, particularly with remote teams spread across time zones. And although they are meant to be brief, the time is often spent collecting the details Status Hero aggregates out of the box. So many of our customers skip the stand-ups.

However, many other teams find they are still holding stand-ups (perhaps just in name only), but that the meeting is demonstrably better, more productive, and less frequent. Why? Because Status Hero has already captured and recorded the details, the team can use the time to focus on meaningful interactions rather than rote data collection.

Most importantly, team members have more respect for the meeting since they don't feel like their time is being wasted.

Meeting fatigue is real, especially in today's remote work environments, so everyone appreciates it when the actual meeting time is considered precious and used wisely.