Managing Projects with Status Hero

How to organize and track projects

Each organization is different and there isn't a one-size fits all way for tracking and managing projects.

Sometimes, projects span across multiple teams. Other times one team is working on multiple projects. 

The good news is that Status Hero is equipped to help you organize and manage your projects easily in either situation. 

One project, multiple teams

For cases where there are multiple teams (ex: Engineering, Marketing, Sales) working on a single project, we recommend creating a project specific team with members that are part of the project. This way there can be a central location for everyone to provide and view updates on the project. 

And don't worry about billing - we only ever charge for a user once, regardless of how many teams they are on. 

Got stakeholders that want to see updates on the project but aren't directly involved in the work? Add them as observers to the team so they stay looped in and up-to-date. 

Creating a separate team also makes it easy to provide alternate check-in schedules. For a project, you may want to use weekly check-ins instead daily, for instance. 

One team, multiple projects

For teams that work on multiple projects simultaneously, we recommend using #tags to track projects. Just ask team members to use a specific tag when creating their check-ins and Status Hero does the rest. 

Check-ins and reports can be filtered or searched by tags to easily focus in on updates specific to a given project. 

Tags also make it really easy to prep for and run project specific retros.