How to configure Status Hero and ServiceNow so that ServiceNow activity appears in Status Hero

Using the Advanced Business Rule functionality in ServiceNow, you can automate the creation of ServiceNow activity records in Status Hero.

Activities in Status Hero will appear alongside check-ins and in your team's activity stream.

  1. Navigate to System Definition › Business Rules in your ServiceNow instance.
  2. Click “New”. Name the Business Rule “StatusHeroIncident”.

  3. Select the "Incident[incident]" table.
  4. Check the Advanced checkbox.

  5. In When to Run, select "async" from the "When" drop down. 
  6. Check the "Update" checkbox. 
  7. Go to the Advanced tab and paste the following. Make sure to replace the {your team id} and {your API key} sections with your team ID and API key from your team API settings. 
(function executeRule(current, previous /*null when async*/) {
try {
var restMessage = new sn_ws.RESTMessageV2();

"{your team id}"
"{your api key}"
restMessage.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/json");

var usr = new GlideRecord("sys_user");
usr.get("sys_id", current.getValue("assigned_to"));
var email = usr.getValue("email");

var instanceURL = gs.getProperty("glide.servlet.uri");
var myTable = current.sys_class_name;
var incidentURL =
"<a href=" +
instanceURL +
"" +
current.sys_id +
">" +
current.getValue("short_description") +
var payload = {
email: email,
source: "ServiceNow",
description: "Updated an incident: " + incidentURL,
var body = JSON.stringify(payload);"Webhook body: " + body);


var response = restMessage.execute();
var httpStatus = response.getStatusCode();
} catch (error) {
var message = error.message;
gs.error("Error message: " + message);
}"Webhook target HTTP status response: " + httpStatus);
})(current, previous);


  • Look for updates in the activity stream first. The dashboard will sum up updates from the previous period. (The check-ins essentially say "here's what I did yesterday, and here is all of the ServiceNow activity to go along with that.)

  • Check to make sure the email address that is being used in ServiceNow matches the email address that is being used in Status Hero. If you or a team member is using a different email address in ServiceNow, set the secondary email address in Status Hero to match the one used in ServiceNow.

  • Status Hero won't be able to record data retroactively. Make sure you generate some activity in ServiceNow in order to test things out after you've set up the connection.