Insights Page

Use the Insights page to spot trends and facilitate retros and 1:1s

Status Hero’s Insights page surfaces the key data points and trends related to participation, goal completion, blockers, integration activity, vacations, and more. You can even see how your team’s mood has trended. Surfacing these insights will help you figure out the most important question - how are we doing and are we getting better? 

While viewing the Insights page, use the filter options to view check-ins from the dates of your most recent sprint/cycle. We recommend filtering to see the blocked check-ins so you can have a team discussion about what is slowing you down. 

Use the "Team members" filter to select specific team members to review. For instance, you may have half of your team working on a specific project. Multi-select allows you to view just the team members involved in the project so you can have a project-specific retro. 

You can use the same methods for preparing for 1:1s; just filter down to a specific team member.

Key areas that we recommend you focus on:

  • Participation - if your team member’s participation rate is dropping, it may be an indicator that they’re burning out or lacking motivation. We recommend having a discussion about workload and satisfaction within your team member. 

  • Mood - a mood score that is trending down can be an early warning sign that there’s a problem brewing. Introverted team members may be unlikely to speak up directly but will often display other, more subtle signs. Mood is one of them.  

  • Blockers - A high number or significant increase in blockers can be an indicator that your team member is struggling with something.

  • Integration activity - Integration activity can give you a sense of how active your team member has been vs. previous periods. Are you seeing MRs and issues being completed at the same rate? A large shift in either direction is something to discuss together. 

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