Google Calendar integration

How to add Google Calendar to Status Hero and display both completed and upcoming events alongside your check-ins

Once you connect your Google Calendar to your personal settings for your team in Status Hero, you and the team will be able to see both completed and upcoming events alongside your check-ins.

You'll also see the events in check-in preview, which will help you answer the check-in questions.

Here's what the events look like expanded:

To connect Google Calendar, visit your personal perferences and click on the "Google Calendar" tab. From there, click on the "Connect Google Calendar" button. You'll be prompted to pick your Google account and authorize Status Hero to read your calendars and calendar events.

After that, you can select which calendars you'd like to monitor. The sync is not retroactive, so the first events will be visible in your next check in. (If it's after your check-in time for the day, that will be your draft check in.)

Event privacy and visibility

Status Hero can only monitor calendars you own, and will only sync events that are visible to others in the calendars you select. If you mark an event as "private", it will simply display the event title as "Busy" in Status Hero.