Formatting Check-ins and Comments

Learn how to customize the appearance of your check-ins and comments

Status Hero's rich text editor makes it easy to customize your check-ins and comments. 

When you highlight text, a contextual toolbar will appear that gives you access to formatting options, including bold, italic, strikethrough, links, bulleted lists, quotes, and code blocks. 


Images & Attachments 

Images and attachments can be inserted by using the paperclip icon in the lower-right-hand corner of the field. Images and gifs can also be inserted by pasting them directly in.


Insert emoji into your check-in by typing ":" A menu with available emoji will pop up to select from. 


  • Links can be inserted through the toolbar or simply by highlighting the text that you want to link and pasting the URL. The text will automatically be linked to the URL from your clipboard. 
  • Use auto-complete to easily insert links to integration activity 


  • Mention a team member by typing "@". A menu with available team members will pop up to select from. Team members will be notified when mentioned in check-ins and comments. 


You can also use Markdown to format your check-ins if you prefer. The rich text editor will automatically convert Markdown into rich text format. Here are the basics: 

Note: Link creation with markdown is only supported in the Slack check-in form. To create links in the web form, use the toolbar or highlight the text that you want to link and paste the URL.