Deactivate a Team Member on a Team

Set a team member to inactive to remove their access but keep their check-in history

Administrators and Team Leads can remove team members by designating them “inactive”. To deactivate a team member go to Team and click on the "..." menu to the right of the user that you want to make inactive and select "Deactivate".  You can also use the deactivate button on the "edit" page for an individual team member. 

When a team member is set to inactive, their access to the team will be revoked (unless they are an account administrator). Their check-in history will be maintained and they can be reactivated by selecting "Activate" from the menu or on their "edit" page. 

You can also permanently delete a member and their check-in history from a team.

Your account will not be billed for inactive team members, but their check-in history and metrics will be preserved.