Create a Goal/OKR

Learn how to create longer-term Goals and OKRs in Status Hero

  1. To create a new Goal, access the "Goals" section in the left-hand navigation menu and select the "Create a Goal" button.

  2. Enter a title for your goal. We recommend something short that describes the objective.

  3. Enter a description. This is where you can list out the details of the Goal, deliverables, and key results. 

  4. Select whether the goal is a team-wide one or individual. 

    1. Team goals are best suited for larger projects involving multiple people. 

    2. Individual goals are meant to be used for projects owned by a single person or as a way to create roll-ups to larger team goals. Individual goals can be nested under Team Goals. 

  5. Assign the goal to someone. This is the person that will be responsible for providing updates on the progress.

  6. Select the start and end dates for the goal. 

  7. Set the update cadence. Consider longer cadences like bi-weekly or monthly for team goals, and weekly cadence for individual goals. 

  8. Save your goal.