ClickUp Integration

Integration Connecting ClickUp and Status Hero

The ClickUp integration is configured via Zapier.

To set it up

  1. Start with the initial template

  2. Connect your ClickUp account, select the Workspace you want to use, and then optionally select a space to filter where the zap should be triggered.

  3. After connecting ClickUp, select "Use advanced mode"

  4. Select the "1. Task Changes in ClickUp" option

    1. You'll need to provide a value for the "What Changed?" field. Select "Status"



  5. Select "Continue"

  6. Connect your Status Hero account and continue to the "Set up action" step

  7. For "Email or name" select "Task Assignees Email"

  8. For the description, you can create a link to the record with the URL of the ClickUp issue by using the provided data fields. Ex:

    1. <a href="[TASK URL]">[TASK NAME]</a> status updated ([Task Status Status])



  9. For the "Source", enter "ClickUp"

  10. For the source URL, use ""

  11. Select "Continue" and then "Test & continue"

  12. Check the Activity page to make sure the event came over correctly. If you see the information in the Activity page, you're all set!



  • Look for updates in the activity stream first. The dashboard will sum up updates from the previous period. (The check-ins essentially say "here's what I did yesterday, and here is all of the ClickUp activity to go along with that.)

  • Make sure that the people making updates in ClickUp match up by email with people on your team in Status Hero. If you or a team member is using a different email address in ClickUp, set the secondary email address to match the one used in ClickUp.

  • Status Hero won't be able to record data retroactively. Make sure you generate some activity in ClickUp in order to test things out after you've set up the connection.