Cisco Webex Teams

Using the Cisco Webex Teams (formerly known as Cisco Spark) integration

To connect your Cisco Webex Teams account to your Status Hero team, visit the Team Settings - Integrations section. Once on the Integrations page for the team, open the “Cisco Webex Teams” panel and click on the “Connect to Cisco Webex Teams” button.

Status Hero will only connect with the people in your Webex Teams account who are also Status Hero team members - it does this by matching email addresses.

Once connected, the friendly @statushero bot will take care of checking in your team and collecting daily goals. (You can always tweak reminder times, time zones, check-in questions, frequency, and other settings.)

Whenever someone on your team checks in, their update is neatly formatted and broadcast to “Team Status” room in Webex Teams.

A check-in summary is also delivered to the Team Status room, along with the necessary links to drill down into individual goals and productivity metrics.