Azure Devops Integration

Setting up webhooks for Azure Devops

When you connect your Status Hero account and Azure Devops, Status Hero will automatically include team members' commits, pull requests, and work item updates with their check-ins.

You and your team can also view, filter, and cross-reference real-time commits, pull requests, and work items in the team activity stream.

Here's how to set it up:

In Azure Devops, open up a project, and from the project settings, add a new Service Hook > Web Hook using the URL from the Azure Devops panel in your Status Hero Account Management - Integrations section.

Status Hero will process "code pushed", "pull request created", "pull request merged", and "work item updated" events.

Once you have it hooked up, here's how the events will show up in the activity stream:


And here's how they'll look in check-ins:


Once a few activities have been logged, you can use the auto-complete functionality in check-ins and comments to auto-link to issues in your Azure Devops account.

Simply type "#" and a string of text that is part of your Azure Devops item and you'll be able to select and auto-insert a fully formatted link to the item!


  • Look for updates in the activity stream first. The check-ins on the dashboard will sum up updates from the previous period. (The check-ins essentially say "here's what I did yesterday, and here are all the commits and activity to go along with that.)

  • Check to make sure the email address and full name that is being used in Azure Devops matches the email address that is being used in Status Hero. If you or a team member is using a different email address in Azure Devops, set the secondary email address in Status Hero to match the one used in Azure Devops.

  • Make sure that the commit authors (not the person who "pushed" to the repo) match up either by email or by first and last name with people on your team in Status Hero.

  • The commits have timestamps that are different from when they are pushed to the repo, and we use the commit timestamps to match up with check-ins. So if you pushed commits that are a few days old to a repo, they will appear with older check-ins, or discarded if they happened before you created your Status Hero account or added the author as a Status Hero team member.