Easily insert links to items from connected integrations

Use auto-complete to insert links to items from your connected integrations in your check-ins and comments.

Simply type "#" and a string of text that is part of your item and you'll see the available items. Just select one and we'll auto-insert a fully formatted link to the item.

Here's how it will look when inserted:

And as part of your check-in: 

If you are encountering conflicts between tags and integration activity, you can close the auto-complete menu using "esc" on your keyboard once you've entered a tag.


  • Auto-complete will only work for items that have been previously sent to Status Hero as integration activity.

  • Auto-complete currently supports status activities from:

    • Asana

    • Azure Devops

    • BitBucket

    • Bugsnag

    • GitHub

    • GitKraken

    • GitLab

    • Jira

    • Linear

    • Shortcut

    • Trello

  • Auto-complete will only work for items that provide a URL

  • Auto-complete will not work for integrations configured via Zapier